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TrippLite SMARTINT1500


TrippLite SMARTINT1500


SmartPro 230V 1.5kVA 940W Line-Interactive UPS, Tower, DB9 Serial

  • 1.5kVA / 1500VA line interactive tower UPS system
  • 230V 50/60Hz output during brownouts to 165V and overvoltages to 277V
  • Front panel status LEDs with load and battery capacity level display
  • 2 DB9 ports; 2 C13 to C14 cables; Hot-swap batteries
  • C14 inlet; 6 C13 outlets


  • 1500VA/940 watt power handling capability supports a variety of networking, telecom and various other application types
  • Supports 220/230/240V 50/60Hz applications
  • Built-in voltage regulation and battery support, plus complete AC suppression prevents equipment damage, data loss and downtime
  • Large internal batteries offer 20 minutes half load runtime and 7 minutes at full load during power failures
  • Intelligent battery management system extends battery life
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR) circuits with two boost and one voltage reduction level maintains usable 230V nominal output over an input voltage range of 165-277V
  • Includes 1 DB9 serial and 1 DB9 contact closure monitoring port for remote monitoring of UPS status and site power conditions
  • Communications ports support messaging of UPS and line power status, including on-battery, low-battery, power-restored, AC line voltage, DC battery voltage and battery capacity
  • PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software with complete cabling included
  • Includes 6 UPS-supported outlets
  • Notification of system status via 5 LEDs and multi-function audible alarms
  • Wall mountable with UPSWM wallmount bracket
  • Attractive small footprint beige tower housing
  • Hot-swappable/user replaceable batteries allow on-site battery replacement
  • Network-grade AC surge suppression
  • UPS battery set ships fully assembled, no time consuming connection of internal batteries by user is necessary


Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) 1500
Output kVA Capacity (kVA) 1.5
Output Watt Capacity (Watts) 940
Power Factor 0.6
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported 220V; 230V; 240V
Nominal Voltage Details 230v inverter nominal output voltage
Frequency Compatibility 50 / 60 Hz
Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode) -15%, +8%
Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) +/- 5%
Output Receptacles (6) C13
Included Output Power Cables Includes 2 C13 to C14 output power cables
Output AC Waveform (AC Mode) Sine wave
Output AC Waveform (Battery Mode) PWM sine wave
Rated input current (Maximum Load) 6.5A
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 230V AC
UPS Input Connection Type C14 inlet
Input Circuit Breakers 10A
Input Phase Single-Phase
Full Load Runtime (min.) 7 min. (940w)
Half Load Runtime (min.) 20 min. (470w)
DC System Voltage (VDC) 36
Battery Recharge Rate (Included Batteries) Less than 4 hours from 10% to 90% (typical, full load discharge)
Internal UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC53
Battery Access Battery access door
Battery Replacement Description Hot-swappable, user replaceable batteries
Expandable Runtime No
Voltage Regulation Description Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains line power operation with an input voltage range of 166 to 277
Overvoltage Correction Input voltages between 243 and 277 are reduced by 12%
Undervoltage Correction Input voltages between 191 and 215 are boosted by 10%
Severe Undervoltage Correction Input voltages between 165 and 190 are boosted by 22%
Switches 2 Switches control off/on power status and alarm-cancel/self-test operation
Alarm Cancel Operation Power-fail alarm can be silenced using alarm-cancel switch; once silenced, alarm will re-sound to indicate low-battery status
Audible Alarm Audible alarm indicates power-failure and low-battery conditions
LED Indicators 5 LEDs indicate line power, battery power, overload, voltage regulation and battery low/replace status
UPS AC Suppression Joule Rating 480
UPS AC Suppression Response Time Instantaneous
EMI / RFI AC Noise Suppression Yes
Installation Form Factors Supported with Optional Accessories Wallmount(UPSWM - tower mounting kit)
Primary Form Factor Tower
UPS Power Module Dimensions (hwd, cm) 32.4 x 19 x 23.5
UPS Power Module Weight (kg) 17.5
UPS Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm) 46.4 x 30.5 x 34.9
Shipping Weight (kg) 19.6
UPS Housing Material Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature Range +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature Range +5 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit / -15 to +50 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
AC Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load) 204
Battery Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load) 435.8
AC Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load) 94%
Communications Interface DB9 Serial; Contact closure
Network Monitoring Port Description Supports detailed monitoring of UPS and site power conditions; contact closure communications via 2nd DB9 port (2 total)
PowerAlert Software Included
Communications Cable 2 DB9 cables included
Transfer Time 2-4 milliseconds
Low Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint) 165
High Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint) n/a
Cold Start (Startup in Battery Mode During a Power Failure) Cold-start operation supported
High Availability UPS Features Hot swappable batteries
UPS Certifications Tested to UL1778 (USA); Tested to CSA (Canada); CE; Tested to GOST (Russia); Tested to SASO (Saudi Arabia); Tested to IRAM (Argentina)
UPS Certification Details EMI approvals 62040
Product Warranty Period (International) 2-year limited warranty
Product Warranty Period (Mexico) 2-year limited warranty
Product Warranty Period (Puerto Rico) 2-year limited warranty

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