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Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra

Sterling Power

Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra


Award Winning Global Digital Battery Chargers

One of the world’s most efficient chargers. This is courtesy of active power factor correction (PFC 0.99-1). The Pro Charge Ultra is rated at over 90% efficient. PFC is an extremely important feature. Non-active PFC chargers are approximately 65% efficient.


This charger’s design is the charger of choice by the world’s largest production boat builders. It is fitted to more new boats than any other charger in the world.

Power Pack / Power Supply.
This charger works effortlessly as a power supply to DC loads to prevent depletion of your battery capacity.

Battery Temperature compensation sensor included.

Automatic Desulphation mode: 7-10 days cycle with anti-stratification program to keep batteries rejuvenated.

Perfect for generator use. Due to its active PFC tolerance of AC input it shall run from crude sine wave forms – typical from generators. Also, % Power Reduction you can set the charger to run at lower power outputs to complement a wider range of generators and low shore power connections.

Larger voltage / current requirements? The Pro Charge Ultra series can be put in series or parallel with other Pro Charge Ultras. This is enabled by the chargers have dynamic charging ability.

11 pre-programmed charging profiles for AGM, Gel, sealed/flooded and calcium batteries. We also include acustomizable option to allow the user to programme their own profile via the front panel.

Multi Lingual. The Pro Charge Ultra now comes with front labels, Remote control and instructions in differentlanguages: English, French, German and Spanish.

Comprehensive 32 LED front panel. The user is provided with a voltmeter, ammeter and output power display. The panel also includes
charging profile statuses and warning statuses.

UL 1236 SB listed, the highest build standard. California Energy Commission CEC.

Truly Global Application and perfect for generators. The Pro Charge Ultra shall work at AC voltages (80-270VAC and 40-70Hz) and DC voltages (130-320V).

12V / 60A model, all other units pro rata
Input Voltage range 80-270V 40-70 Hz
Power Factor at 230V 0.976
Efficiency 90.4%
Full load current (110 / 230V) 9.8/4.6 A
Total Harmonic Distortion 2.4% Voltage
Total Harmonic Distortion 2.4% Current
Ripple noise (R.M.S.) 14mV
Ground Leakage 0.5mA
Generator/mains power required to run unit (watts)
12V 20 A approx 350W
12V 30 A approx 500W
12V 40 A approx 600W
12V 50 A approx 750W
12V 60 A approx 900W
24V 20 A approx 600W
24V 30 A approx 900W
36V 20 A approx 900W
48V 15 A approx 900W

Voltmeter accuracy     +/- 1%
Ammeter accuracy      +/- 1%

PCU isolated outputsUp to 3 isolated outputs.

Each output can carry the full current rating of the charger. However, not all simultaneously – the total current is the charger’s rating.

Cables not included with charger.



– USA California Energy Commision (CEC) listed: CEC regulation stipulates that the charger is only on when necessary. This reduces AC power consumption and lowers operational costs while maintaining healthy batteries. (default setting is on, CEC can be turned off)

– Synchronized Rectification: Mosfet technology, increases overall efficiency over diode based chargers by approximately 8 percentage points.

– Automatic Desulphation / Equalization mode: 7-10 days cycle with anti-stratification program to keep batteries rejuvenated.

– Voltage + Current LED display: 2 LED matrix displays. Left side is the voltmeter and the right side is the ammeter.

– Performance monitoring LED bar: An LED display to show what rate the charger is operating at.

– Redundant safety system: In event of failure, the processor provides another system to shut off device, doubling security. The primary emergency backup is digital, the secondary system is analogue both are totally independent of one other.

– High temperature ambient operation rating: Most chargers are only continuously rated at 20 deg C (if even) this unit is rated at continuous operation at 40 deg C ambient.

– Multiple speed fan control: This reduces unnecessary fan noise experienced by the customer, even though the new extreme efficiency reduces the need for fans. At high ambient temperatures (40-50 deg C), however, fans would still be required to ensure operation.

– Thermostatically controlled force draft cooling: To ensure that when the cooling is actually required the noise level is a low as possible for the environmental and power conditions.

– The printed circuit boards are conformal coated: For high humidity and salt air operations.

– % power reduction: To allow unit to work with restricted power available (available on local control or remote control panel).

– Multiple chargers: Multiple chargers can be put in parallel to increase current rating. This is also great for redundancy.

32 LED display. The front panel provides information regarding:

  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Charger output display bar
  • Charging statuses
  • Battery chemistry select,
  • Temperatures
  • Voltage warnings.
  • Multi Lingual over lay labels available.

Pro Charge Ultra

DC Voltage Rating (A) Number of outputs L x W x D mm Weight (KG) Part Number
12 10 2 260 x 215 x 90 2.0 PCU1210
12 20 3 260 x 215 x 90 2.0 PCU1220
12 30 3 260 x 215 x 90 2.0 PCU1230
12 40 3 260 x 215 x 90 2.0 PCU1240
12 50 3 315 x 215 x 90 3.0 PCU1250
12 60 3 315 x 215 x 90 3.0 PCU1260
24 20 3 260 x 215 x 90 2.0 PCU2420
24 30 3 315 x 215 x 90 3.0 PCU2430
36 20 3 315 x 215 x 90 3.0 PCU3620
48 15 3 315 x 215 x 90 3.0 PCU4815
Remote control with 10m cable 110 x 68 x 20 0.05 PCUR
French Label – Sticker for PCU PCULF
German Label – Sticker for PCU PCULG
Spanish Label – Sticker for PCU PCULS

For larger current requirements simply add 2 or more units together.


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