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Sterling Power Electric Vehicle Charging Station & Vehicle Receiving Interlock

Sterling Power

Sterling Power Electric Vehicle Charging Station & Vehicle Receiving Interlock



Compatible with all major electric vehicle companies

How does this work?
The unit has pre-programmed dip switch setting linked to specific currents, this sends a signal down the 2 small connectors in the electric vehicle plug. This signal (same protocol is on all electric vehicles) informs the vehicle charger what the power limitations of the system are. The vehicle adjusts its power to suit the setting requested from the control box.

The Sturdy steel box is more adaptable to a professional installer’s needs. All that is required is a simple power feed from the office/ house.

Vehicle interaction (timer)
As this unit is fully compatible with the vehicle’s system then the vehicle onboard timer can be used to ensure your vehicle is charged at the best available electric tariff.

The unit comes as a wall mounted weather proof, locked steel box with a large information panel giving operation and safety instructions. The Illuminated socket holder allows easy use at night, a remote operation circuit allows an external timer or pay box to be attached to this unit if this is a requirement.

Technical flexibility
This unit can be used on any power available from 6-30A AC 230V. The internal switch settings allows you to preset what actual power you have available from you’re AC power source. This safely protects your power source cabling. Most power settings will be about 10-30A (as this is the standard current available within easy access). Also, most actual vehicle chargers are less than 16A, to date. However, the unit has future proof upgrade ability built in and can be simply adjusted up to 30A if required (N.B the power setting refers to the power supply available and not the ability of the car’s charger, the power supply can be well in excess of the vehicle’s internal charger and this will not damage the vehicle charger).

There are 2 main safety systems on this type of unit:

  1. The high voltage cannot be activated unless there is a firm connection/ protocol handshake between the plug and the car.
  2. The box is fitted with a 230V 30 mA RCD combined with a 40A trip which, in the event of an earth leak, will automatically trip the system or, in the event of short circuit, will trip the unit.
  • Steel wall mounted box
  • 30A control unit ability
  • 16A or 32A cable and socket
  • 5 LED information panel
  • Earth fault protection
  • Overload protection
  • SAE J1772 protocol
  • Blue back light socket holder
  • Remote on/off ability
  • 5 metres 16A cable
  • 9 current limiting selector switch (6-30A)

Specification for EV plug and socket
Voltage 230V (nominal)
Withstand test voltage 2000V
Current 16A and 30A models
Mating cycles (over 10,000)
Mated retention force to unlock 40-80N to lock 160N
Operating temperature -40 to 75 deg C

Description Code
16A Type 1 plug EVW16A5M
32A Type 1 plug EVW32A5M
16A Type 2 plug EVW16A5M2
32A Type 2 plug EVW32A5M2
SAE J1772 type 1 plug plus 5 m 16A cable EVP16AC
SAE J1772 type 1 plug plus 5 m 32A cable EVP32AC
SAE J1772 type 1 socket EVP16A
SAE J1772 type 1 socket EVP32A
Socket support holder with LEDs EVPSL
Electric vehicle machine immobilize EVVE

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