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Sterling Power Battery to Battery Charger w/ a PWM Solar Regulator

Sterling Power

Sterling Power Battery to Battery Charger w/ a PWM Solar Regulator


What is the Wildside Range?
The Wildside integrates a pulse width modulated solar regulator (PWM) with a 60A battery to battery charger. When mobile, the Wildside utilizes the B2B function to allow for advanced charging on to the leisure bank. Simultaneously, the PWM regulator allows for solar input to enable charge when both driving along and when stationary. With the Wildside you should be much better equipped to live a ‘wildside’ style existence. The Wildside has been designed with the recreational vehicle market in mind, whereby people want to live without the means of a shore power (’on the wildside’). This idea could easily be included in the sailing boat market.

Wildside rating is 30A battery to battery charger and 30A PWM solar regulator. Combined rating of 60A. Larger Wildside units are in the making and will offer a combined of up to 120A.

Do not worry about alternator size or the solar panel size. As the Wildside has current limiting any sized alternator / solar panel can operate with it. The Wildside shall limit the current to its rating (PWM at 30A and B2B at 30A). Combined rating at 60A.

Less than 3mA standby current.

Built to IP 66 Waterproof Rating.

9 charging profiles for AGM, Gel, flooded/sealed lead acid and for calcium.

Operates at 12V only. Additional models pending.

Regenerative braking friendly. Allows voltage activation to be as low as 12.2V

Wildside activates at 13.3V and turns off at 13.0V so your starter battery does not deplete as the unit turns off.

Two products in one. Charge when cruising along via solar and battery to battery charging. When stationary, charge with solar. 60A combined.

Voltage B2B rating PWM rating Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg Code
12V 30A 30A 170 x 160 x 120 2.5 WS1260

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