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Powervar Medical Power Conditioner ABC200-11MED Low Voltage


Powervar Medical Power Conditioner ABC200-11MED Low Voltage


Model: ABC200-11MED

Input-Output Voltage (VAC): 120-120

Load Power (VA): 240

Size (in.) (H x W x D): 4.29 X 8.10 X 11.80

Shipping Weight (lbs.): 18

Medical Power Conditioners
For use with microprocessor-based medical equipment requiring conformance with UL60601 and IEC60601

Some medical systems have special power protection needs. Systems such as patient monitors, imaging equipment, and various computer systems used within the "patient vicinity" require special safety precautions and POWERVAR conditioners are the perfect prescription.
POWERVAR medical conditioners not only protect systems used for patient care, they are also built to meet the safety requirements of IEC60601. All deliver clean, conditioned power and are safety agency listed.

  North American models listed to listed to UL60601-1 and cUL 22.2 NO. 60601
  International models listed to listed to IEC60601 and CE listed
  All plugs and receptacles are hospital grade (North American)
  On international models only, versions are available with the output neutral not bonded to ground. Contact factory for information.
  Suitable for protecting computers, analyzers, instrumentation and patient monitors up to 16 A
  Like all POWERVAR equipment, these conditioners are backed by our five-year parts and labor warranty

GCX mounting available - requires optional wallmount






ABC300-11MED 120-120 360 4.29 X 8.10 X 11.80 18 169_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC400-11MED 120-120 480 4.29 X 8.10 X 11.80 23 193_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC500-11MED 120-120 600 4.29 X 8.10 X 11.80 23 112_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC600-11MED 120-120 720 4.29 X 8.10 X 11.80 23 127_118_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC700-11MED 120-120 840 5.60 X 11.15 X 16.10 38 175_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC830-11MED 120-120 1000 5.60 X 11.15 X 16.10 38 115_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC1000-11MED 120-120 1200 5.60 X 11.15 X 16.10 43 187_115_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC1200-11MED 120-120 1440 5.60 X 11.15 X 16.10 51 119_118_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF
ABC1600-11MED 120-120 1920 5.60 X 11.15 X 16.10 62 140_A01-00057-POWER-CONDITIONERS-REV-A.PDF


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