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Gamatronic G-Me Line Interactive UPS 650VA


Gamatronic G-Me Line Interactive UPS 650VA


G-ME 650VA
Line interactive UPS with AVR 1x7AH batteries


The G-ME UPS is a line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Its main features are its advanced performance, reliability, high-efficiency, compact size, and understated design.

G-ME is a single-phase UPS, intended for use with nominal 220 ~ 240 Vac input. It is designed for use with desktop computers and other power-sensitive electronic devices. It filters the power from the utility line, reducing short-term voltage peaks and high-frequency noise.

In addition to its stable output voltage, the G-ME immediately provides power to its load when the utility power is interrupted or the utility voltage becomes too low.
The G-ME accepts a particularly wide range of input voltage, from 165 to 265 Vac, making it ideal for locations where the utility power voltage tends to vary.

Available models:

  • 650VA
  • 750VA
  • 1000VA
  • 1500VA

Product Catalog: G-Me Series 

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