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Gamatronic Centric 300 UPS System


Gamatronic Centric 300 UPS System


Info & Details

Gamatronic's Centric 300, a new member of their leading line of modular scalable UPS systems. The Centric 300 is a highly efficient UPS suitable for large facility applications scalable from 30kW to over 1.2MW.

The Centric 300 is designed for N + 1 redundancy. It provides reliable, clean, regulated AC power. For users with greater power requirements, up to five Centric units can be operated in parallel configuration for more than 1.2MW.

The Centric 300 is a user friendly UPS, its advanced LCD touch screen is intuitive and informative for easy maintenance and servicing.

As one of the first companies in the world to design modular UPS systems, the Centric 300 design is based on the vast knowledge we have accumulated in this field.

The Centric’s N+1 vertical and horizontal modularity reduce down time, making it a great choice for your data centre.


  • Continuous operation during expansion and maintenance
  • Hot swap modules
  • Advanced LCD touch screen.
  • True online technology.
  • 96.5% efficiency.
  • PF = 1
  • Sleek 19’’ design
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight

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