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TRIPPLITE APSX1012SW 1000W PowerVerter APS 12VDC 230V Inverter/Charger with Pure Sine-Wave Output, Hardwired


TRIPPLITE APSX1012SW 1000W PowerVerter APS 12VDC 230V Inverter/Charger with Pure Sine-Wave Output, Hardwired


Portable 1000W power source for power tools, computers, audio/video components and other sensitive electronics as a vehicle inverter, standalone AC power source or extended-run UPS. Ideal for mobile, emergency and remote sites.
  • Delivers pure sine-wave 230V AC power from AC or DC source
  • 1000W continuous output power; 2000W peak power
  • Auto-transfer switching option for UPS operation
  • Protects against blackouts, surges and EMI/RFI line noise
  • Rugged steel housing resists moisture and impact 
  • Reliable Power for Mobile, Emergency and Remote Sites
    • Generates 230V pure sine-wave power from 12V battery bank
    • Ideal for powering variable-speed tools, computers, LEDs, fans, audio/video components and other sensitive electronics
    • Designed for easy installation in RVs, fleet vehicles and emergency vehicles
    • Functions as vehicle inverter, standalone AC power source or extended-run UPS
    • Unlimited runtime with variety of user-supplied batteries

    Pure Sine-Wave Power for Normal and Peak Power Demands
    • 1000W of continuous power
    • 2000W of peak power to accommodate surge power demands during equipment startup and cycling
    • Automatic overload detector, built-in cooling fan and resettable AC circuit breakers protect unit from damage
    • High-current DC input terminals for simple hardwired installation

    Automatic Transfer Switching
    • Transfer relay switches to inverter power during blackout in 16.6 ms
    • DIP switches configure high and low voltage auto-transfer

    3-Stage 4/40A Selectable Battery Charger
    • Serves as battery charger when external 230V AC power is supplied and powering connected equipment
    • Protects battery from overcharging and overdischarging
    • Low-battery protection prevents excessive battery depletion
    • DIP switches configure wet/gel charging profiles

    External Ports
    • Battery temperature port allows connection of optional remote battery temperature sensor, such as Tripp Lite’s APSSWTEMP
    • RJ45 communication port allows connection of optional remote control module, such as Tripp Lite’s APSRMSW with 32 ft. cord

    Easy Operation
    • LEDs indicate battery voltage, charger and inverter status
    • On/off button provides one-touch control

    Rugged Steel Housing
    • Resists moisture, vibration, impact and high-humidity environments
    • Built-in mounting feet for installation on any rigid horizontal surface


    Frequency Compatibility 50 / 60 Hz
    Output Receptacles Hardwire
    Output (Watts) 1000
    Continuous Output Capacity (Watts) 1000
    Peak Output Capacity (Watts) 2000
    Output Nominal Voltage 230V
    Output Voltage Regulation Nominal 230v +/- 5%
    Output Frequency Regulation 50/60 Hz (+/- 0.5 Hz)
    Overload Protection Includes 7A input breaker dedicated to the charging system and 7A output breaker for AC output loads
    Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 120/208V 3-PH Wye; 230/400V 3-PH Wye; 120/208V (Split phase L1,L2,N,G)
    Nominal Input Voltage Description 170-264V +/- 3%
    Recommended Electrical Service DC INPUT: Requires 12VDC input source capable of delivering 240A for the required duration (when used at full continuous capacity - DC requirements increase during OverPower and DoubleBoost operation). For automotive applications, professional hardwire installation with 200A minimum battery system fusing is recommended.
    Maximum Input Amps / Watts DC INPUT: Full continuous load - 240A at 12VDC. AC INPUT: 17 amps at 230VAC with full inverter and charger load (8.7A max charger-only / combined input load to support charger and AC output is automatically controllable to 66%-33%-0% based on AC output loading using the charger limiting set points - see manual for setting instructions)
    Input Connection Type DC INPUT: Set of 2 DC bolt-down terminals. AC INPUT: Hardwire via built in junction box with cover plate
    Voltage Compatibility (VAC) 220-240
    Voltage Compatibility (VDC) 12
    Expandable Battery Runtime Runtime is expandable with any number of user supplied wet or gel type batteries
    DC System Voltage (VDC) 12
    Battery Pack Accessory (Optional) 98-121 sealed lead acid battery(optional)
    Battery Charge Includes selectable 4~40 amp DC charging system.
    Expandable Runtime Yes
    Front Panel LEDs Set of front panel LED's display inverter status, charger status, as well as battery voltage status
    Switches The inverter provides a RJ-45 port for optional APSRMSW remote control. RJ45 port operates with standard RS485 interface(APSRMSW sold separately)
    Audible Alarm Audible status indicators 10.5V (low battery)/21V start alarm
    Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm) 33.02 x 32.01 x 54.54
    Shipping Weight (kg) 16.37
    Unit Dimensions (hwd / cm) 18.41 x 22.22 x 45.72
    Unit Weight (kg) 14.18
    Cooling Method Fan
    Material of Construction Powder coated Steel
    Receptacle Color Grey
    Form Factors Supported Mounting slots enable permanent placement of inverter on any horizontal surface (see manual for additional mounting information)
    Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
    Transfer Time (Line Power to Battery Mode) 16 ms. maximum
    Low Voltage Transfer to Battery Power 170 VAC (+/- 3%) DEFAULT OR 190V +/-3% (user-selectable)
    High Voltage Transfer to Battery Power 264 VAC +/- 3%
    Load Sensing 100W
    Remote Control Capability Yes
    Product Warranty Period (U.S. & Canada) 2-year limited warranty
    Product Warranty Period (International) 2-year limited warranty
    Product Warranty Period (Mexico) 2-year limited warranty
    Product Warranty Period (Puerto Rico) 2-year limited warranty


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