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Belotti Variable Auto Transformer


Belotti Variable Auto Transformer


The BELOTTI autotransformer is an efficient, trouble-free device for controlling A.C. voltage. Unlike most transformers, our voltage regulator has a transformation ratio that can be smoothly and continuosly changed so the output of the unit can be controlled from zero to line voltage or even higher.

Features: EFFICIENT - transforms power more efficiently than rheostats

DURABLE - because it runs cool (40/50° C max)

OVERLOAD-ABLE withstands 1000% overloads short term

- Independent of load size or power factor - voltage to the load changes little from full load to none.

- Produce an adjustable output voltage that is a sine wave. Only the voltage magnitude is changed; the shape of the voltage is not distorted.

- Handle all load power factors.

- Can be used to adjust banks of capacitors and/or inductors.


- Regulate voltage (over and under-voltage testing of electrical and electronic equipments).

- Speed control

- Lighting control in theatres, hotels, photographic studios

- Motor test stands - Power supplies

- Industrial process heating control

- Source voltage & load banks for electrical testing: • circuit breaker • uninterruptible power supplies • generators

- Control of D.C. voltage and current through rectifiers

- Control of rectifiers in electroplating etc.

- Supply voltage adjustment (automatic voltage stabilisers)

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