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Sterling 0.0V Drop Alternator Splitter Pro Split R

Sterling Power

Sterling 0.0V Drop Alternator Splitter Pro Split R



12V/24V. 120A-250A.

Up to 2 alternator inputs and 4 outputs.

The Pro Split R is a 0.0V drop alternator splitting system. It is the successor to the old diode based splitting systems which induced large voltage drops at high current. The newer, much more intelligent, Pro Split R selects a battery banks and isolates the other battery banks to prevent their voltage misleading the alternator’s regulator (assuming regulator is connected). This allows the regulator to focus on the correct battery and can maximise the alternator’s potential. Then, at a specific level, the other battery banks are charged and finally all charged together. The charging performance can be further enhanced with the use of an Advanced Alternator Regulator.

Power variant:

  • 120A 2 battery banks PSR122
  • 180A 2 battery banks PSR182
  • 250A 2 battery banks PSR252
  • 120A 3 battery banks PSR123
  • 180A 3 battery banks PSR183
  • 250 A 3 battery banks PSR253
  • 2 x 130A 4 battery banks PSRT134
  • 60A 2 battery banks PSR62
  • 100A 2 battery banks PSR102
  • 150A 2 battery banks PSR152
  • 240A 2 battery banks PSR242
  • 60A 2 battery banks PSR63
  • 100A 3 battery banks PSR103
  • 150A 3 battery banks PSR153
  • 2 X 80A battery banks PSRT84

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